Welcome to our Results page!

On this page you will find a variety of updates about our “self-study.” Our goal as an institute is to use the scientific method in understanding the general outcomes of our treatment modalities. We will be showcasing the extent to which our current combination of group and individual therapy, all focused on building healthier relationships and bolstering other domains of wellness, are helping our clients find emotional relief.

  1. Methods: We have taken advantage of the PROMIS measures, commonly disseminated by the American Psychiatric Association as our method for understanding and tracking client symptom presentation. We administer PROMIS symptom measures focusing on key clinical phenomenon like anger, depression, anxiety, somatic experiences, repetitive thoughts/behaviors, sleep, and mania. Furthermore, we also administer the PROMIS “Global Health Questionnaire” as a means of understanding our clients’ overall sense of health and wellbeing. All of these measures are administered the same day our clients enter our program, and every month thereafter until completion of our IOP.
  2. Data Management: Our Assistant Clinical Director, Dr. Kenneth Skale, maintains a HIPAA compliant database of clients’ symptom measure scores and ensures timely administration of assessment measures.
  3. Data Analysis: In conjunction with Dr. Kenneth Skale, other members of the clinical team with a research background will be working in SPSS to examine trends over symptom trends over time. After a sample of client scores, sufficient in size, is collected we will be publishing right here the results. In the section below titled “Latest Outcomes.”
  4. Timetables: If all goes well, we hope to provide updates every calendar quarter.

Latest Outcomes

Our first round of results are not available yet, but please check this page soon and we will have data for you to see.

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