At PCI, we have been honored to be a part of the growth of many hard-working clients. It has been amazing to see their success in overcoming struggles with addiction and mental illness, and their success in developing a lifestyle centered on the concept of Wellness. Here are just a few of our previous clients’ experiences attending treatment at PCI Westlake Centers.

Nick K.

“PCI Westlake Centers is the only treatment/therapy center that I have attended in which I felt that the staff put everything that they had into my recovery and overall mental and emotional health. One on one sessions with my therapist were vital to my recovery and I currently have more physical, emotional, and spiritual sobriety than I ever have had in my life. The policies and practices at PCI Westlake are among the most professional I have ever experienced.”

Haley A.

“I spent nearly six months in their IOP program, and it has given me a solid footing to continue on with my sobriety and growth. The staff has helped me immensely, and I really appreciate how individualized their treatment plans are. Even after being out of IOP for 6 months I still take advantage of having one-on-one sessions. I’ve had many therapists in the past, and the one I have through this program is like no other.”

Shane T.

“Unlike any previous treatment center I have attended PCI was able to bring practical life solutions that could be applied into the groups. The staff was always very respectful of everyone’s space yet doing their utmost to push people to grow.”

Jeff K.

“PCI has helped me a great deal with the group, keeping me clean & sober. The most that helped me was the individual sessions with my primary therapist. I had a lot of problems and issues that I had held inside. For that I’m truly grateful for their help.”

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